Digital by SentienceLab: Acquiring clients using websites, Facebook and Instagram advertisements and artificial intelligence services.

We will connect you with your clients using landing pages, Facebook and Instagram advertisements and chatbots.

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Why some products/services are so profitable and sold in such a huge amount?

  1. There is a clear, fast and effective communication with potential clients and current customers
  2. There is an effective targeting
  3. There is total understanding of customer journey


High converting landing pages

Your personal assistant for products and services sales.

Ever wonder why some landing pages don’t pull leads? Because it’s always about making money, not providing value.

We will take on the role of being your personal assistant and working hand in hand with you, to ensure the increase in the overall sales of your products and services.

Our aim is not to merely design beautiful ineffective pages that stay dormant. We position you as being value oriented and your target clients customers will respond to that!

We focus on studying your products and target audience, finding their pain points, so that we can carefully create a landing page that encompasses and highlights the benefits of your products. So much, that your potential customers immediately and undoubtedly see that your product is the solution they have been looking for.

  • Landing pages that work on any device
  • Connection to payment systems, email services and other necessary tools
  • Design, Development, Testing and Support

Advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, Google

Attract leads for your business (at the lowest cost-per-click) on Facebook and Instagram, who will be extremely interested in buying your product/service.

Instagram has one billion monthly active users and more than 500 million of them use the platform on the daily basis.

As of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users and that makes Facebook the biggest social network worldwide.

Do the math, how many of these people need what you offer? A truckload! We help you reach them and show them that what you offer is what they’ve been waiting for all their lives.

  • We will write texts and make creative materials
  • Setup campaigns that will lead to more visibility and sales of your products
  • We will handle the monitoring and optimization of campaigns
  • Regular reporting to showcase the progress that has been made.
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We will introduce an effective tool for communication with your target audience.

The presence of chatbots will give your company an edge over others because presently, only a few companies have chatbots in their operational toolbox.

This will make you to stand out as more innovative, different from the competition and more interesting to potential customers.

  • Chatbots that answer pressing questions of potential customers, lead to the sale of your products/services etc.
  • Chatbots in Telegram, Facebook Messenger.
  • Design, Development, Testing and Support


We will set up a new channel of communication between you and your target audience.

When we run a successful advertisement campaign for you, leads will automatically be generated.

In order to turn those potential customers to actual clients, we will need to send a chain of interesting and well targeted emails, which will help to build their trust in you and generate sales for your company.

  • Create a chain of emails aimed to sell your product/service.
  • Strategy design
  • Emails Automation

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*This session is not a sales presentation of our products or services. We will conduct a detailed analysis and provide a list of recomendations and improvements to increase your ROAS

Our Works


IAMAI Academy

Website for the provider of AI&ML course for businesses.



Marketing campaign to increase the amount of applications for mathematics lessons for children.



Website and MVP of the product for generating promotional content using AI.


Java Bootcamp

Landing page for the online programming camp. Target ads on Facebook and Instagram.



Website,payment systems setup, technical support, email-marketing setup



Website for the customer experience management platform.



Website for the psychological help resources.

Your Investments

The exact price of our services can be provided only after the analysis of your needs and requirements.
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We are passionate about creating and delivering digital services both for our clients and our own projects. We have built our knowledge by more than a decade of experience in coaching and consulting the bleeding edge market players.

Our team will help you to implement your ideas and to reach your goals in a transparent and flexible way.



Growth and Marketing
Co-founder SentienceLab


IT Guru
Co-founder SentienceLab


Please fill in the request form for a free consultation. We will answer your questions and go through your concerns.

Generally, our communication languages are Russian, English, Dutch. We can create a project in the language you need, involving native speakers for this.

We provide in-depth monthly reports, that will show you how many people are clicking on your advertisements, calling you, buying from you etc.

Yes. If necessary we will sign an NDA.

We provide a 2-months warranty for all sites and chatbots created by us. During this time, we will free of charge eliminate any technical problems that we find ourselves or the Customer finds.

Payment can be made via a bank transfer, Paypal service or using a credit / debit card.

We want to help small businesses,so we make pricing affordable, while keeping high quality of our services. But still we need to analyze your requirements for the project before we provide your investment estimate. Contact us to get a calculation according to your tasks and needs.

We are here to help you. We will provide regular communication to keep you in the loop with what our plan is. We will also provide you monthly reports, so you can see your business progress.

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